USDA Direct Loan Packaging

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Documents Needed for USDA 502 Packaging


  • Copies of last four week's CONSECUTIVE pay stubs.
  • Copies of recent benefit statements for regular unearned income(such as social security, public assistance, retirement income, etc.)
  • Last 12- month payment history of alimony and/or child support received. I
  • For each applicant, a copy of the last 2 Federal Income Tax Returns. lRS Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, and/or IRS Form 1099-Misc, Miscellaneous Income, must be attached. If the actual returns cannot be provided, obtain a copy of the tax return transcripts. The applicant can directly request and obtain the tax return transcripts using IRS Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return
  • For ACH applicant, a written explanation of employment history of less than 2 years or employment gaps in excess of 30 days within the last 2 years Completed and signed Employment and Asset Certification Form ELIGIBILITY-Deductions:
  • Verification of applicable household deductions, such as: Written evidence of childcare expenses for dependents 12 years or younger.
  • For a household member who is a full-time student and 18 or older, a copy of their school transcript.
  • Evidence of out of pocket annual medical expenses(only applicable for applicants 62 or older, or individuals with a disability) who wish to be considered for a deduction to household income
  • Evidence of unreimbursed, anticipated costs for disability assistance including documentation describing the nature of the expense and evidence of cost, that the expense enables the individual with disabilities or another family member to work ELIGIBILITY-ASSETS:
  • Verification of household assets, such as :
    • Copies of 2 most recent bank statements for all household members(excluding tax advantaged plans for education, health/medical, and retirement)
    • Verification of the market value of other assets such as land ,real estate ,etc.


  • Nonrefundable credit report fee of $30 for individual or joint applicants, options include: -Provide a scanned copy of a voided check or deposit slip for processing collection through the Automated Clearing Housing(ACH) System
  • Mail or deliver a physical check, money order or cashier's check to the appropriate Rural Development office
  • For each applicant, a written explanation for late payments, collections, judgements, or other derogatory items in their credit history of which they may be aware.