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At Mercy Housing and Human Development, our main goal is to provide home-ownership opportunities to families whose income is...


At Mercy Housing & Human Development we hear this question almost every day. One of our main goals is to help low-income...


Empowered by the belief that all people have basic rights to dignity and compassion, our mission at Mercy Housing & Hu...

Assistance Information

Housing Assistance
(Effective June 2022)

We do not currently have any Rental or Utility Assistance available. 

There has been such a high demand in Assistance this year that our funding has been drained. 
If you are seeking Utility Assistance, please call Catholic Charities at (228) 701-0555
If your rental assistance is due to Covid, you can apply to Mississippi RAMP for assistance.  The link is listed below.  

If you have submitted applications to Mercy for Assistance, we have not replied due to lack of assistance.  

Please follow our social pages for any updates.  

Thank you and we wish you prosperity through these tough times.  

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