MHHD Rental Assistance


Other Resources for Assistance   (PLEASE NOTE - This is not a confirmation or guarantee of funding or resources).

Agencies offering Utilities and Rental Assistance/

  • Catholic Social Services (228-702-2137)
  • Community Action Agency (228-769-3292)

Homeless Resources

  • Open Doors (228-604-2048)

In order to receive Emergency Assistance you must call the office to receive a referral form to complete.  

Funding and Emergency Resources are not guaranteed and are limited.  Certain limitations apply...........

To qualify...

  • You must have a Job or on Social Security.  (This must be proved by documentation).
  • Funding (if available) will be limited to $500 on a case-by-case basis. 
  • This funding is meant to be 'Gap' Assistance and not to pay your full rent.  If you are in arrears or already in notice of eviction, we cannot help you.  
  • You must seek Utility assistance first from the above resources before Mercy Housing.  
  • In some cases we will recommend a Money Management Session with our Counselors to receive assistance to help you with Emergency Budgeting and additional resources to get you sustainable.   

 Upon application for assistance, you will need the following information.  

  • Copy of your driver’s license or ID
  • Pay stubs last 2 current ones (if still working)
  • PROOF supporting hardship (ex. injury resulting in you being laid off for time to heal would provide statements support lack of hours)
  • Affidavit of Zero Income and Print Out of Registration with WIN Job Center
  • Copy of first and last page of lease
  • Last 30 to 60 days of your bank or prepaid debit activity
  • Last 30 to 60 days of utility statements if requesting utility assistance

Your household income must be at or below the following in to qualify

1 Person:  $32,000// 2 Person: $38,000 // 3 Person: $42,750 // 4 Person: $47,500

5 Person:  $51,300 // 6 Person:  $55,100 // 7 Person:  $58,900 // 8 Person: $62,750

Please stay updated on our Social Media Pages for further updates as funding becomes available.