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Gulf Coast Higher Education IDA

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In parnterships with MHHD's VITA/EITC program, Mercy Housing is giving current and future college students the opportunity to enroll in the Individual Development Account Program.  This program helps individuals to set finiancial goals and save towards them.  If the goals are met, savings are matched 2:1 and must be used towards tuition for college, trade school, or job training.

Participants may save up to $1000 and matched up to $2000 for a total of $3000.

Program Requirements

  • Work at least part time
  • Develop a savings plan
  • Participate in financial literacy and asset specific training
  • Make regular monthly deposits to savings account
  • Spend the money on qualified expenses
  • 2015 HHS Poverty Guidelines 200%: Clients must meet or be under the income levels based on Family Size

If you have any questions about the IDA program, please feel free to email Paula Chamberlain or call her at 228-896-1945