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Who We Are

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At Mercy Housing and Human Development, our main goal is to provide home-ownership opportunities to families whose income is between 30 percent and 80 percent of local HUD median income.

By collaborating with other organizations having similar missions and values, MHHD uses integrated strategies to provide housing, community and economic development for low-wealth families of Mississippi.  Through research, analysis, advocacy, direct services and community organizing, MHHD responds to contemporary needs.

Since 1997, MHHD has helped first-time homebuyers purchase homes.  The value of homes bought since that time tops $6.3 million.  Grants awarded by MHHD toward these purchases exceed $1 million.

At Mercy Housing and Human Development, not only are we lighting the path toward home ownership, but we are staying involved post-purchase with programs that promote home maintenance and continuing financial stability.  We strive to empower communities through home ownership and to enable families to build better lives.